Type-in Programs

Type-in Programs

List of type-in programs from various computer publications sorted by system type. These have been typed in and converted to playable ROM formats via members of the Gaming Alexandria Discord. If you’re interested in helping with the project please join! The more the merrier as there is PLENTY of type in programs that need to be done. If you don’t want to join but still want to submit type in programs feel free to e-mail us here.

To run most of the Japanese computer systems we recommend downloading the Neo Kobe Emulator Pack available here.

Type-in Tutorials

Commodore Computers
Nintendo Family BASIC by Garrett Gilchrist
Nintendo Family BASIC by Ozidual
Sinclair ZX-81
Sinclair ZX Spectrum

More to come…

Current contributors to this project and the number of programs submitted are listed below:


1. TWE – 16 submitted
2. ozidual – 10 submitted
3. Dustin Hubbard (Hubz) – 8 submitted
3. eientei – 8 submitted
4. BabaJeanmel – 4 submitted
5. Garrett Gilchrist (TygerbugGarrett) – 1 submitted

Apple II

Commodore 64

Commodore MAX Machine

Commodore VIC-20

Fujitsu FM-7

Fujitsu FM-77

Fujitsu FM-8

Hitachi BASIC Master Jr.

Hitachi BASIC Master Level II 2

Hitachi BASIC Master Level 3 Mark 5

Hitachi S1

Matsushita JR-100

Matsushita JR-200


NEC PC-6001

NEC PC-6001mkII

NEC PC-6601

NEC PC-8001

NEC PC-8001mkII

NEC PC-8801

Nintendo Family BASIC

Sharp MZ-700

Sharp MZ-1500

Sord M5