Tree (Shintaro Ogawa)

Title – Tree
System –
NEC PC-8001mkii
Author –
Shintaro Ogawa
Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December – 1984
Page Scans1 2
Preserved byDustin Hubbard (Hubz)
Recommended Emulatorj80

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Boot the Machine in PC-8001mkII mode and load the “Tree (Shintaro Ogawa).t88″ file
After tape loads type RUN

Game Instructions –

You control a Stinkbug/Turtlebug/Fartle/Tootle (Whatever you like best!) and must defend a tree from the evil invading spiders and bugs by farting on them. Fart on enough of them and the round will clear you’ll get bonus points and the difficulty will increase on the next round. If you tough a bug/spider or a piece of the spider’s web you will die. You will also die if an enemy reaches the top of the screen.

To control the bug use Numpad 8,4,6,2 to move our hero directionally. Press the spacebar to fart, if you hit a bug they will perish but if there isn’t a bug there you’ll lose 100 points so be careful if you’re aiming for the high score!

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