Mosquito (Mr. Slump)

Title – Mosquito
System –
NEC PC-6001/mkii/6601
Author –
Mr. Slump
Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December – 1985
Page Scans1 2
Preserved byDustin Hubbard (Hubz)
Recommended EmulatorPC6001VW3

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Boot the Machine and load the “Mosquito (Mr. Slump) {m1p2}.p6t” file
BASIC Mode – 1
How many Pages? – 2
Type – CLOAD
After tape loads type RUN

Game Instructions –

Press “s” to start the game. Move the spray can around with the arrow keys. Press spacebar to spray it. If the spray hits a mosquito it will die. If it hits the = that appear on the screen it will stop the spray. Kill enough mosquitos and the level will advance. If a mosquito touches your spray can it is game over, it’s also game over when you run out of spray. You start with 20 shots of it.

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Founder and owner of Gaming Alexandria. Obsessed with high quality scans of games for all systems as well as preserving games before they are lost.

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