Excalibur 2 – Get Even with Dragon [The Return of the Devil] (Norio Kitajima)

Title – Excalibur 2Get Even with Dragon [The Return of the Devil]
System –
Nintendo Family BASIC
Author –
Norio Kitajima
Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) March 1987
Page Scans1 2
Preserved byGarrett Gilchrist (TygerbugGarrett)
Translation AssistanceRani Baker (destroyed4com4t)
Recommended EmulatorVirtualNES

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Load the included NES ROM. FYI this ROM is a translation hack as it translates Japanese text to English, and includes new artwork as a graphical hack rather than the generic Family Basic graphics. The hints in Japanese have been replaced with somewhat different hints about how to play the game.

Source code is also provided, although further hacking is required from that source, since it doesn’t include special characters. Check the ReadMe for info.

This game currently requires the Family BASIC Keyboard, or a similar NES Keyboard, or a NES Emulator with the Family BASIC keyboard set up. Not all emulators support the Keyboard.

This minigame is a rudimentary RPG, and ambitious by Family BASIC standards, which only allowed for small amounts of code.

Game Instructions –

You have defeated the evil dragon, taken the town and driven demons from the country. You saved your lover. But that dragon has returned and caught your fiancee. You set off again. You must walk around the country typing commands. You have to defeat the monsters and level up.

Find three hidden holy swords. Find the Dragon Castle. Get gold, which will help you talk to certain monsters and get to the bottom of things. Defeat the dragon and save your lover.

Stay at the inn/hotel with C to replenish physical strength. There are two such places at different corners of the map. This costs gold.

Use magic with U. This may help you warp and find the secret swords.

You can walk through the forest (wooded area) and through places you might not expect. There are some places you can’t go. The Forest of Hope lies to the north-west. In the south-west is the Mysterious Forest. In the south-east is the Evil Forest.

Skeletal thieves may be talkative. Bribe them with gold. Watch your health.

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