Bakugeki Game (Taishi Kato)

Title – 爆撃ゲーム (Bakugeki Game)
System – Commodore VIC-1001
Author – 加藤 泰士 (Taishi Katō)
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) October
Page Scans – 1 2
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – VICE (xvic)

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

After booting, type ‘LOAD’ then press Enter;
Play the “bkgk1.tap” file and wait for it to finish loading;
(On VICE, use the icon besides “Tape” to load the file with “Attach tape image…” and play it with “Play”)
Type ‘RUN’ and press Enter;
After the prompt, play the “bkgk2.tap” file and wait for it to finish loading; the game should autmatically start after loading finishes.


Game Instructions –

Use the ; and : keys to turn your plane left and right; press Space to drop a bomb.
Bomb as many battleships as possible; if you run out of fuel or get hit by enemy fire, you lose a life.


Article Translation –

Raid Bombing Game
Taishi Kato

How to Play

Control your airplane and destroy every battleship that comes from the top of the screen. Turn left with ‘;’ and right with ‘:’, and drop bombs with the Space Key.
If you FUEL reaches 0 or you get hit by one of the battleships’ anti-aircraft fire or an aircraft carrier’s missile, you lose 1 airplane. The game ends when you reach 0 planes.

About the Program

This program is divided into 2 sections: one containing both the machine code and character data, and the other containing the main program. Since the data part contains machine code, make absolutely sure you don’t make any mistakes while typing it in. After you finish typing in this data, SAVE it to tape before anything else, since all the DATA will erase itself after RUNning.
I think iyou should also save the main BASIC part to tape right after you type it in.
To start the game, LOAD and RUN listing 1, then LOAD and RUN listing 2.


Dr. D: I’ve been noticing that a lot of users of computers with 6502s that make 8-way scrolling programs can also code in machine language.
Editor: Isn’t that because of how easy the 6502 is to understand?
Dr. D: This VIC program still is high-level, but even then, do you think at this rate we’ll end up seeing an all-machine language one? This bombing game’s listing seems to suggest that, in my opinion.

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