Tom and Jerry (Mr. Takuo Miyazaki)

Title – Tom and Jerry
System –
NEC PC-6001/mkii/6601
Author –
Mr. Takuo Miyazaki
Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December – 1984
Page Scans1 2
Preserved byDustin Hubbard (Hubz)
Recommended EmulatorPC6001VW3

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Boot the Machine and load the “Tom and Jerry (Mr. Takuo Miyazaki) {m1p2}.cas” file
BASIC Mode – 1
How many Pages? – 2
Type – CLOAD
After tape loads type RUN

Game Instructions –

Instructions to play the game will be displayed on the screen. After a short time the screen will change and a tune will play. You’ll now be able to move you control Tom the cat and your goal is to eat the mice that appear on the screen. The game is over if 5 mice appear so you have to be quick! You can move in 8 directions and press the spacebar to lay mousetraps. You cannot move over mousetraps but if a mouse spawns on a mousetrap it will die and the trap will disappear.

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Founder and owner of Gaming Alexandria. Obsessed with high quality scans of games for all systems as well as preserving games before they are lost.

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