Goal Goal (Akira Terai)

Title – Goal Goal!
System – Nintendo Family BASIC
Author – Akira Terai
Publication – Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) August 1991
Page Scans – 1 2
Preserved By – ximwix
Recommended Emulator – VirtualNES

Download ROM

Game Instructions –

It’s basically Pong.

Use the d-pad to move the crab around. When you walk into the white ball, it
will start moving. You can only move up/down/left/right — diagonals do not

If you are holding down the ‘A’ button when you hit the ball (or when the ball
hits you) then it will bounce off of you at an angle. Otherwise, it will go
staight to the right when it bounces.

If you get enough of a lead over your opponent, they will change from a
turtle into a bird, then from a bird into a bug/monster thing. The bird and
bug are faster than the turtle, and therefore harder to get the ball by.

The player who gets to 15 points first wins the round. The first to win
three rounds win the game.

Cheats –

If you load the game up in Family Basic, you can add the following lines to
the code to cheat:

– Type in “165 Q=5” to start each round with 5 points. Use “165 Q=10” to
start with 10 points, etc. This can also be used to see the other
opponents, as you will face harder opponents based on how good your
score is.

Notes –

Line 210 introduces a bug. The cardinal directions jump to 6xx, where a
coordinate value is updated and then immediately RETURNs, but the
lower-diagonals will GOSUB to the next line. Each time this happens, a value
is stored onto the GOSUB/RETURN stack. Since there is no corresponding RETURN
for these, an OOM error will eventually be hit if you try to use diagonal
directions enough times.

The listing in gg-prg.txt has been left unaltered from what was been
published in Micom Basic, but the NES rom provided in this zip has had the
following code changes made in order to prevent the OOM error:

Line 210 replaced with:
210 ON STICK(0) GOSUB620,630,655,640,655,655,655,650

Created line 655:

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