Heading Volley (Motohiko Miyazaki)

Title – Heading Volley
System – Nintendo Family BASIC
Author – Motohiko Miyazaki
Publication – Micom Basic (繝槭う繧ウ繝ウBASIC) August 1985
Page Scans – 1
Preserved By – ximwix
Recommended Emulator – VirtualNES

Download ROM



notes.txt – The file you’re reading now (wow!)
Heading Volley (Noboru Izakaya).nes – Game converted to standalone NES rom
heading-volley-prg.txt – The typed-up program listing
heading-volley-prg.wav – WAVE file of the program listing, for playback to hardware
heading-volley-prg.vtp – Virtuanes tape file of the program listing
heading-volley-prg.fbt – Mesen tape file of the program listing
scan.jpg – A scan of the program listing from Micom Basic
screenshot1.png – Gameplay screenshot
screenshot2.png – Gameplay screenshot


Background is based off of a black-and-white screenshot, but aside from colors
I am pretty sure I got it right.

Game Instructions:

It’s a two-player volleyball game. Get under the ball and, when it gets close
to hitting you, press either the ‘A’ or ‘B’ button on the controller to do a
little “hop” that hits the ball.

The game ends when a player reaches 5 points, but must win by at least two
points. If the two-points requirement isn’t reached, then the game goes into
“deuce” and continues until a two-point lead is reached.
“deuce” and continues until a two-point lead is reached.

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