Last Fight (Noboru Izakaya)

Title – Last Fight
System – Nintendo Family BASIC
Author – Noboru Izakaya
Publication – Micom Basic (繝槭う繧ウ繝ウBASIC) August 11985
Page Scans – 1
Preserved By – ximwix
Recommended Emulator – VirtualNES

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notes.txt – The file you’re reading now (wow!)
Last Fight (Noboru Izakaya).nes – Game converted to standalone NES rom
last-fight-prg.txt – The typed-up program listing
last-fight-prg.wav – WAVE file of the program listing, for playback to hardware
last-fight-prg.vtp – Virtuanes tape file of the program listing
last-fight-prg.fbt – Mesen tape file of the program listing
scan.jpg – A scan of the program listing from Micom Basic
screenshot1.png – Gameplay screenshot
screenshot2.png – Gameplay screenshot



This game does not use a background.


The typo on line 110 (“bottun” instead of “button”) is present in the listing,
so I have left it there.

Game Instructions:

When instructed, press A or B on controller 1 to start the game. Game B adds
a “fog” effect as you progres in the game, which makes enemies harder to see.

Three enemies will move around at random on the screen. Your ship remains
stationary at the center of the screen. Use the d-pad to rotate your ship to
one of eight directions and press the “A” button to fire a shot. After
shooting down enough enemies, you will get some bonus points and then start
the next stage.

The game continues until you run out of lives.


Lives are stored in the variable “LE”, so initializing that to a larger value
on line 130 will start you with more lives.

Similarly, you can remove the “LE=LE-1:” from line 300 to stop losing lives
altogether when you get hit.
altogether when you get hit.

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