Scramble Puzzle (Yuki Ozasa)

Title – スクランブル・パズル (Scramble Puzzle)
System – Sharp MZ-700 / MZ-1500 (Hu-BASIC)
Author – 小笹 由貴 (Yuki Ozasa)
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) December 1984
Page Scans – 1 2
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – mz700 (TAKEDA)

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Load the Hu-BASIC 2.0a for MZ-700 tape onto the machine;
Press L then Enter to load Hu-BASIC;
After Hu-BASIC loads, load the .wav file onto the machine;
Type LOAD, then press Enter;
After the game loads, type RUN and press Enter to start the game.

Game Instructions –

A conversion of the classic 15-puzzle game. The computer takes a pattern, breaks it into 16 pieces, then puts it on the lower right corner, with one of the tiles being blank. Move the blank space (surrounded by the red box) and rearrange the tiles to form the picture on the upper left corner.
When you’re finished, press E to replace the missing tile on the blank space and finish the puzzle.

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