System – MSX
Author – MONO
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) March 1985
Page Scans – 1 2 3
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – openMSX

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Two versions of the game are included:
– rescue.wav, a cassette-tape recording of the original game;
– rescue.dsk, a floppy disk image of the translated game.

For rescue.wav:
– After booting the machine, insert the tape image;
– Type ‘CLOAD’ and press Enter;
– After the game loads, type ‘RUN’ and press Enter to start the game.
For rescue.dsk:
– Insert the disk image in the first slot, then boot the machine;
– The game should load and start automatically.


Game Instructions –

Use the arrow keys to move and Space to drop bombs.
Protect the tower from enemy bombs and rescue any ships from incoming monsters, while evading the enemy planes.


Article Translation –



The year’s 2005. Japan, which had been at peace before, has been gradually dragged into World War 3. A spherical enemy ship is stationed above the sea, and the people of the neighbouring town, sensing the impending danger, started fleeing to the closest town, until you were the only one remaining.
Just then, you receive an SOS signal coming from a fishing boat in the enemy ship’s surroundings.
Wanting to help the crew inside, yet reluctant to throw away your life for their sake, you launch your radio-controlled airplane to go rescue the boat.

How to Play

The trapezoidal shape on the lower left is the plane’s control tower. It’s damage goes up by 25 every time it gets hit by a bomb, and if it gets to 100 damage, the plane immediately falls down.
You can counter these flying bombs by intercepting them with your own bombs. Furthermore, the enemy will send an attack aircraft. This plane will try to ram you down directly, but flees to safety while your bombs are going up, so use that to your advantage. However, if it reaches the same altitude as your airplane, it will hurl towards you at ludicrous speeds.
To move your plane, use the cursor keys. If you don’t press any keys, you will lower your altitude. Use the Space key to drop bombs.
Use all the information above to carry out your mission, which is to rescue the fishing boats that appear from the lower right. After saving a certain number of these, you’ll clear a round. You have a total of 3 airplanes at your disposal for every game, and cannot get any extras.


Chief: We are looking forward to your laborious submissions to make this Random Corner even more fun.
Editor: As for program length, feel free to send in submissions with around 300 lines or made completely in machine language. That being said, please make sure to bundle them with an easy to understand explanation.
Dr. D: I’ll be waiting for all your high-level submissions!




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