TOMATO LANDER (Uchida No Yassan)

System – Sord M5 (BASIC-I Cartridge)
Author – Uchida No Yassan
Publication – Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December 1984
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Preserved by – TWE
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Loading the Game –

Run the machine with the BASIC-I cartridge attached;
Load either the the .cas or .wav file;
Type CHAIN and press Enter;
The game should start automatically. If it doesn’t, press Esc.

Game Instructions –

When starting, your M5 will ask “LEVEL?”, to which you should reply with a number from 0 to 5. In the game, TOMATO (the little guy on the screen) is being attacked by LANDERs, and you must maneuver him so that you don’t get hit.
Use the [;] and [:] keys to move, and the right Shift key to activate your propulsors. If you don’t do anything, you’ll plummet down quickly, so make sure to control TOMATO carefully.

This game was inspired by MOON LANDER and アステロイド・ファイター (Asteroid Fighter), both from the May ’83 issue of Micom BASIC.

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