Zoku Kikaikaikai (Takashi Endo)

Title – Zoku Kikaikaikai
System –
Nintendo Family BASIC
Author –
Takashi Endo
– Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) October 1987
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Preserved by – ximwix
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Loading the Game –

1. Run Family Basic v3
2. Type LOAD and hit enter
3. Choose Edit – ExtDevice – Tape – Play(P)
4. Choose zk-prg.vtp and let it load
5. Type LOADS and hit enter
6. Choose Edit – ExtDevice – Tape – Play(P)
7. Choose zk-bg.vtp and let it load
8. Once loaded, type: RUN and hit enter to start the game

Game Instructions –

Press Start to begin playing.

Avoid touching all enemies and shots fired at you. Use the d-pad to move and
the A button to jump. Use the B button to fire “UTA” at the fly. After
killing enough flies, the enemies will clear out and the boss will appear.
Shoot the boss enough times and you will move on to the next level.

Finish all 6 levels and you will see the ending.

Cheats –

If you load the game up in Family Basic, you can add the following lines to
the code to cheat:

– Type in “23 G=2” to start on level 2, “23 G=3” to start on level 3, etc.

– Type in “23 G=7”. After pressing start to get past the title screen, you
will be shown the end of the game.

– Type in “543 L=3” to get infinite lives.

Notes –

The BG grid listed in Micom Basic seems to have some transcription errors, as
a few of the tiles do not match those seen in the magazine’s screenshots of
the game. The following tiles were changed to better match the screenshots.

(6,1) E42 => F52
(7,1) E62 => F52
(2,12) C72 => G72

The program listing uses a few non-text characters. In the zk-prg.txt, these
are typed between curly braces. “{M5}” is one “M5” background character, and
“{M5|M5|M5}” is three M5 characters in a row, etc.

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