BACURA (Masahiro Hamada)

Title – BACURA (バクラ)
System – Commodore VIC-1001
Author – 浜田 正弘 (Masahiro Hamada)
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) 1984 11
Page Scans – 1 2
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – VICE (xvic)

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

After booting, type ‘LOAD’ then press Enter;
Play the “bacura1.tap” file and wait for it to finish loading;
(On VICE, use the icon besides “Tape” to load the file with “Attach tape image…” and play it with “Play”)
Type ‘RUN’ and press Enter; after the “READY.” prompt, type ‘LOAD’ then press Enter;
Play the “bacura2.tap” file and wait for it to finish loading;
Type ‘RUN’ and press Enter to start the game.


Game Instructions –

Move left and right with ‘:’ and ‘;’, respectively;
Avoid the Backuras while collecting the dollars; if you don’t collect a single dollar in 7 seconds, an impossible barrage of Backuras will spawn.

Article Translation –

Masahiro Hamada

I was fascinated by the Bacura from Xevious (the spinning plates), so I put them on the VIC. I wrote the Backura’s data in machine code, so it all turned out quite nicely.
Move the Toroid with the ‘:’ and ‘;’ keys to dodge the Backuras and collect the $s. If you don’t get an $ for 7 seconds, TIME OVER will trigger, making your Toroid look corrupted (multi-coloured) and an absurd barrage of Backuras will spawn.
Every 100 points a new Toroid will appear from behind, making the game more difficult.
Even though this is supposed to be a game, this is more of a demo than anything, so feel free to modify is as you see fit.
P.S.: POKE 650,255 turns on key auto-repeat.


Dr. D: Ho-ho, that’s one beautiful sight! Those characters are moved with machine code, a technique I often see on the VIC.
Editor: Why oh why is this machine so small in Japan, yet so big in America? This work certainly makes a strong case for it. Keep going strong, VIC users!

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