Forbidden Games (RINGO)

Title – 禁じられた遊び (Forbidden Games)
System – Apple II/IIe (48K, 10K BASIC)
Author – RINGO
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) October 1984
Page Scans – 1 2
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – MAME

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Use the Apple ][ J-Plus model for this game.
There are 2 version of the game included:
– kinaso_og.wav : original version in cassette tape format
– kinaso_trans.woz : translated version in floppy disk format

For kinaso_og.wav:
After booting, press Ctrl-BREAK to start Applesoft BASIC (Ctrl-F12 by default on MAME);
Type ‘LOAD’ and press Enter;
Start playing the cassette tape file and wait for it to finish loading;
(On MAME’s menu, load the file with File Manager, then select Play in Tape Control)
Type ‘RUN’ and press Enter to start the game.

For kinaso_trans.wav:
After booting, insert the floppy disk file into the first drive; the game should autmatically start after a while.
(On MAME’s menu, load the file with File Manager)


Game Instructions –

Press Enter to start the game; F and H turn you left and right, respectively; both V and B turn you in the opposite direction.
The objective is to catch the other person; you move forward automatically, and the game ends if you hit a wall.


Article Translation –

– Contents

This is a 3D maze game in which you run around trying to catch your opponent. The square at the back represents the end of the current path, and your current position is shown by the trapezoidal area. Also, if you don’t align yourself perfectly with an entrance while turning, you will hit the wall and the game will end.
Pressing F and H turn you left and right, respectively, and pressing either V or B turn you backwards.
If your opponent is in front of and less than 1 block away from you, the game automatically makes you catch them. The bottom of the screen shows you your distance from the opponent in both the X and Y coordinates.

– About the Program

For this one, I’ll be explaining the music compiler present at lines 740-780 and from line 1600 onwards. Z$ may contain the characters”4567CDEFGABHR”, which correspond to the FGABCDEFGAB notes (+ rests). Afterwards, the subroutine at 1810 is called, which then uses the subroutine at 1670 to POKE the pitch and length into memory.
Then, by assembling the machine code with the subroutine at 1900, the routine at lines 740 to 780 in the main program plays each note, repeating the tune over and over again.
If the sound pitch happens to sound wrong to you, you can change A(pitch) and B(length) in the IF statements starting at line 1670. For playing long notes, use something like “AAA”.
Lastly, while typing in this program, press CTRL+G(BELL) several times inside line 1000’s PRINT string.


Kage: Hmph, yet another 3D maze game? Those are getting boring by now!
Editor: No, it’s not! By using its music compiler, this game can play the “Forbidden Games” theme as you move. Isn’t that amazing?
Kage: Hmm, I didn’t know that. My bad!

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