Urusei Yatsura – Himitsu no Hanazono (I.M.)

Title – Urusei Yatsura – Himitsu no Hanazono (うる星やつら 秘密の花園)
System –
NEC PC-8001mkii
Author –
POPCOM September 1985
Page Scans1
Preserved byBabaJeanmel
Recommended EmulatorTakeda Toshiya’s Common Source Code Project (pc8001mk2sr.exe) or j80

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Run your PC-8001 emulator and make sure it is in PC-8001mkII mode.
Insert the disk image in FD1
You may need to reset the emulator for it to auto load the game.

Game Instructions –


NUM KEYS: Move Lum

In this game, you must collect ten dotted flowers while avoiding the cats and posioned mushrooms. Keep the door closed to prevent Cherry (the monk) for stealing them.

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