Graphic OPA (Kazuya)

Title – グラフィックOPA (Graphic OPA)
System –
Hitachi Basic Master Jr.
Author –
一夜 (Kazuya)
Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December 1984
Page Scans1 2
Preserved by – TWE
Recommended Emulatorbmjr (From Takeda Toshiya Common Source project with Included BIOS Files)

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Load either the .wav or .cas file;
Type CALL $E37E and press Enter; if you don’t do this the game will crash;
Type LOAD OPA and press Enter;
After the game loads, type RUN then press Enter to start the game.

Game Instructions –

Invited by an acquaintance, you have travelled to Brazil all the way from Japan for a fishing vacation on the Amazon river.

Press [S] on the title screen to start. Move your ship with the [I],[M],[J] and [K] keys. Your sonar will beep whenever you’re near fish. When you’ve chosen your fishing spot, press Space to cast your line.
If a fish is caught, reel in your line by pressing Space again.
Successfully catching a fish nets you 10*(round nº) points. If you miss your catch, no other fishes will bite, so you’ll have to cast your line again.
After using your fishing rod 3 times, the fish will no longer be attracted to your lures. When that happens, go to a nearby shack to restock on new lures.
After you’ve caught the amount of fish equal to the one shown on the right side of the screen, the day is over. You fail the day if you don’t reach this objective before sunset.
After failing 3 times, OPA returns to Japan and the game ends.
Press [E] on the title screen to exit the game.

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