System – Sharp MZ-2200 (1Z001)
Author – ち む (Mu Chi)
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) December 1984
Page Scans – 1 2 3
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – mz2200 (TAKEDA)

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

NOTE: You can play this game on an MZ-2000 that has been equipped with the G-RAM 1,2 and 3 addons.

Load the BASIC (MZ-1Z001) tape onto the machine;
Press C to load BASIC;
After BASIC loads, load the .wav file onto the machine;
Type LOAD, then press Enter;
After the game loads, type RUN and press Enter to start the game.

Game Instructions –

You’re a member of the famous Serious Squad.
During an operation deep into the mountains, you become separated from your team. Suddenly, a horde of monstas and fire balls assault you. You must gather up your courage and face them head on.

Press the 4 and 6 keys on your numpad to move left and right, 8 to jump, and Space to fire.
To kill a monsta, burn them with fire from below. After you burn it to a crisp, you may eat it.
Fire balls, however, cannot be killed, so youmust avoid them. To clear a stage, kill all the mosnters.
Two types of monstas exist; the fly-like monsta will try to jump and swoop down on you.
You lose a life if your bonus reaches 0, or you get caught by a monsta or fire ball. After losing 3 lives, it’s GAME OVER.

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