Star Ship Go!! (Gokudon)

Title – Star Ship Go!!
System –
Nintendo Family BASIC
Author –
– Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) April 1985
Page Scans1
Preserved byozidual
Recommended EmulatorVirtualNES

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Either load the included NES ROM
1. Run Family Basic v3
2. Type LOAD and hit enter
3. Choose Edit – ExtDevice – Tape – Play(P)
4. Choose Star Ship Go!! (Gokudon).wav and let it load
5. Once loaded, type: LOADS and hit enter
6. Choose Star Ship Go!! BG (Gokudon).wav and let it load
7. Once loaded, type: RUN and hit enter to start the game

Game Instructions –

Move around with the D-Pad (no diagonals) and shoot with the A button.

Four space ships attempt to run into you while a base shoots seeking missiles at you. Move around to dodge everything while shooting down the space ships. You get 10 points per space ship and 3 lives total. When you lose all your lives the game is over. After the ending music plays, press A button to start the game over.

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