Mario Mekuri2 (LUXCIE850 In Love)

Title – Mario Mekuri2
System –
Nintendo Family BASIC
Author –
LUXCIE850 In Love
– Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) March 1996
Page Scans1 2 3
Preserved byozidual
Recommended EmulatorVirtualNES

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

(No NES ROM due to requiring a keyboard)

1. Run Family Basic v3
2. Type LOAD and hit enter
3. Choose Edit – ExtDevice – Tape – Play(P)
4. Choose Mario Mekuri2 (LUXCIE850 In Love).wav and let it load
5. Once loaded, type: RUN and hit enter to start the game

Game Instructions –

When the game loads, press:

Controller 1 Start button for 1 player mode
Controller 1 Select button for 2 player mode
Controller 1 B button for 3 player mode

Enter the name for each player using the Family Basic keyboard. Choose the size of the game (8 for 8×8 all the way up to 16 for 16×16) using the keyboard. From this point forward: Player 1 will use controller 1. Player 2 will use controller 2. Player 3 will use the keyboard.

Controller users use the d-pad and press A to select a spot. Keyboard users use the arrows and RETURN (I believe).

The purpose is to get the most points. When you pick a blue spot:

a. If nothing is revealed you get 1 point
b. If you get Mario you lose all your points
c. If you get the Lady (Yellow/Red Pauline) you get extra points
d. If you get Luigi you flip, so if you have the least points you now have the most and vice versa.
e. If you get Peach (Pink Pauline) the turn order reverses (so the person who played before you is now the next person to play)

Play until all blue tiles have been chosen. The person with the most points wins. After some music, the game starts over.

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