About Us

Welcome to Gaming Alexandria! We are a group of game preservationists that post scans, articles, interviews, and even dumps of prototypes to be shared with the world before they are potentially lost. The site originally focused on high resolution scans but has expanded thanks to the efforts of others joining up with their talents.  We hope to continue to grow so if you feel you have something to contribute please let us know! If you have stuff you can scan we’d love to add it to the site and credit you. Feel free to contact me at [email protected]. If you use Discord please feel free to join us in the chat as well by clicking here.

You may notice the quality of some scans aren’t as good as others and that’s due to me not really knowing what I was doing for awhile so please excuse it!  If you love scanning as much as me you might be interested in helping with VGPC‘s scanning project I help run. You can find a scanning guide for that here. Feel free to ask any questions to me about this as well.

Thanks for coming by!

– Dustin Hubbard (Hubz)


Current Staff and Usual Duties

Dustin Hubbard (Hubz) – Site & Discord Admin, Scans

Stefan Gancer (Gazimaluke) – Articles

DillyDylan – Articles, Prototypes

Ethan Johnson (GameResearch_E) – Chief Editor, Articles

Wietse van Bruggen (Densy) – Scans, Proofreader, Discord Mod

Jonas Rosland – Communications Lead

Senn – Articles

Togemet2 – Articles, Prototypes

History of the Site

The site started on October 25th, 2015 when I decided to start scanning and posting high resolution images of games I had and it has grown from there. The site was redesigned and relaunched on February 2nd, 2019 thanks to the hard work of Stefan Gancer (gazimaluke).