2-shin – 16-shin Henkan Program (Aikame)

Title – 2進→16進変換プログラム (2-shin → 16-shin Henkan Program)
System – MSX
Author – 愛香命 (Aikame)
Publication – Micom BASIC (マイコンBASIC) March 1985
Page Scans – 1
Preserved By – TWE
Recommended Emulator – openMSX

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Two versions of the game are included:
– 2-16hnkn.wav, a cassette-tape recording of the original game;
– 2-16hnkn.dsk, a floppy disk image of the translated game.

For 2-16hnkn.wav:
– After booting the machine, insert the tape image;
– Type ‘CLOAD’ and press Enter;
– After the game loads, type ‘RUN’ and press Enter to start the game.
For 2-16hnkn.dsk:
– Insert the disk image in the first slot, then boot the machine;
– The game should load and start automatically.


Game Instructions –

Type in each line of the 8×8 sprite as a binary number, pressing Enter between lines.
This program translates your binary numbers into hexdecimal numbers for use in your own BASIC programs.


Article Translation –

Binary to Hexadecimal Conversion Program


When making sprite DATA for the MSX, binary numbers are easier to handle, but hexadecimal numbers make for shorter DATA, so I made this simple conversion program.

How to Use

Type 1 for the visible pixels and 0 for the others (Ex.: ■□□■□■□■⇒10010101) to input 8 bytes, which will be displayed at the botton as hexadecimal DATA.
The actual sprite is displayed in the upper right corner. To generate the next DATA, press the Space key.

Modification Advice

I think putting the DATA directly inside the program would make it easier to work with.

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