FRUIT MONSTER (Akira Kikuchi)

System – Matsushita JR-200
Author – Akira Kikuchi
Publication – Micom Basic (マイコンBASIC) December 1984
Page Scans1
Preserved by – TWE
Recommended EmulatorVJR200

Download ROM

Loading the Game –

Load the .jr2 file;
Type LOAD and press Enter;
After the game loads, type RUN then press Enter to start the game.

Game Instructions –

In this game, you must defeat the monsters by either dropping fruit on them or blowing them up with bombs.
Use the cursor keys to move, [Z] to drop a fruit, [X] to throw a bomb. The bomb will be thrown farther depending on how long you press [X], but if you hold it in for too long it will explode on your hand and you will die.
If you die 3 times, or let your ENERGY run out, it’s GAME OVER.
If only 5 fruits remain, they will all respawn at the next round.
You clear a round by either killing 5 monsters and dropping every fruit, or by killing 15 monsters.

Fruit drop = 100-700 points
Crushing a monster = 200-1000 points
Exploding a monster = 1000-3000 points

This game was based on both CHERRY ALIEN from the October ’83 issue and TABLE TENNIS from the July ’84 issue of Micom BASIC.

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