Green Lantern Art Assets (SNES)

Graphical assets for Green Lantern, a licensed game for the Super Nintendo that was in development by Ocean Software. This images come from ex-Ocean artist Ray Coffey, who was the lead artist and designer for the project.

Green Lantern started development around 1994. Seven levels in total were planned, namely platforming levels and a flying level using mode 7 technology. Green Lantern went far into development, with even a full soundtrack being scripted and composed.

According to a contributor for SNESCentral, development was originally headed by Andrew Deakin, but was soon replaced by programmer Bobby Earl after Ocean was unhappy with Deakin’s work. In the article, Bobby cited the reason for Green Lantern’s cancellation as the budgetary issues surrounding the project.

“Green Lantern was a project I worked on quite a few years ago, for the Super Nintendo. The project was infact finished, but DC Comics wanted some very difficult and arduous changes to the product, thus considering the budget already spent, Ocean Software deemed it was not worth continuing with the project.”

According to the May 1994 issue of Edge Magazine, a Mega Drive port was also being developed at some point. However, nothing is known about this fabled version of the game.

Special thanks to Ray Coffey for sending us these assets.

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