Walk Wan

Title – Walk Wan (ウオークワン)
System –
Sharp MZ-2000
Catalog ID – TM2-005
Created by –
Yoshimura Kotori (吉村功成)
Published by – Tecno Soft
Date Created – September 4th, 1982
Recommended EmulatorToshiya Takeda‘s Common Source Code Project – (Click here for just MZ-2200 Emulator with BIOS)

Download ROM

600 DPI –

1200DPI RAW Scans [External Link]

Loading the Game –

Open Emulator
Load CMT with the included “MZ-1Z002.mzt” file and hit C if it doesn’t autoload.
After BASIC loads and you have a cursor that says Ready load either “Walk Wan.mzt [CT]” or “Walk Wan (From MZT).wav” and then type LOAD. After it loads type RUN.

Game Instructions –

(Translated from the intro screen of the game) [Thanks to Charles Norwood for the translation!]

One Sunday in the year 19xx, you set out at 8 AM with your dog Pochi to go from 1-chome, where you live, to 13-chome, where your girlfriend Seiko lives. But for some reason, here and there, Pochi does terrible stuff: he drops giant coiled poops here and there, barges into people’s houses, and chases cats around when they come out. You must get to 13-chome by 12:00 at all costs!

* Please pick up the poop. If you leave it, the police will get angry at you and charge you a fine.
* There are Yakuza(!) living in the houses, so be as unobtrusive as possible when you pass through. Otherwise a lot of money will be taken from you.
* Please pick up all the ‘@’ trash. If you don’t, the exit will not open.


Move the person with the numpad keys (8 is up 6 is right 2 is down 4 is left) (they will not be very effective when a cat is present)
By pressing one of the above keys +TAB, you can attack by throwing a coin (10 yen)
(If you just press TAB it won’t know where to throw the coin)
‘ ‘ is Pochi ‘ ‘ is you ‘@’ is trash
‘ ‘ is a police officer ‘ ‘ Tom, the Terrifying Cat ‘ ‘…Get it?



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