Japanese DOS/V Dumps Part I

It’s been a long journey to know what exactly has been ever released for this niche platform, called DOS/V, and here we have the first pack which includes only floppy-based releases, sorted by alphabetical order, dumpers named in brackets:

* DOOM (r09)
* Doukyuusei (Redump, Wiggy2k)
* Doukyuusei 2 (Redump, Wiggy2k)
* Farland Story (RinTohsaka project)
* Kairaku Okite – Aoi Taiken (Redump, Wiggy2k)
* Kawararazaki-ke no Ichizoku (RinTohsaka project)
* Power DoLLS (LastCat)
* Power DoLLS 2 (LastCat)
* Power DoLLS 2 DASH (Rockleevk)
* San Shimai (RinTohsaka project)
* Setsujuu ~Yuganda Kioku~ (RinTohsaka project)
* SimCity 2000 (Internet Archive, gx2kj22w)
* Taikou Risshiden II (Redump, Wiggy2k)
* Youkoso Cinemahouse e (RinTohsaka project)

Important Note: Beware that there’s games that are **NSFW** inside this Torrent.

Many dumps are in its RAW/flux form, and other ones like Doukyuusei were dumped with Greaseweazle but RAW dump wasn’t given when was archiving all of this, year by year. This is the result of crushing patience to have even 10+ games that were exclusively released on Floppy Disk format for Japanese DOS/V & clone computers.

Many thanks to all supporters of Gaming Alexandria & its Discord server, and to all Redump(ers), RinTohsaka Visual Novel Preservation Project, VGHF, GPS @ Japan, RetroLEL @ Spain, LastCat, Krugman, Retro J-PC Redump Discord, VGPC + VGSC projects, No-Intro (you can add+DAT all that hasn’t been archived in this set, np) and all of you who want to play or archive all this games. — Rockleevk @ GA

Happy New Year 2024, and see you on the next niche Torrent release!

Download Torrent Here

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