2 in 1 Series – SL – Gyakushuu Chika Teikoku

Title – 2 in 1 Series – SL – Gyakushuu Chika Teikoku (Counterattack Underground Empire) / SL – 逆襲地下帝国
System –
Sharp X1
Catalog ID – G-6202
Created by –
日本マイコン学院 (Japan Microcomputer Academy)
Recommended Emulatorxmil026tt143_ika5

Download ROM

600 DPI –

1200DPI RAW Scans [External Link]

Loading the Game –

Open Emulator
Load CMT with the included “[OS] HuBASIC CZ-8CB01.tap” file and hit C if it doesn’t autoload.
After HuBASIC loads and you have a cursor that says Ok load either the TAP or WAV file “2 in 1 Series – SL – Gyakushuu Chika Teikoku” and then type either –

load”one” to load SL
load”two” to load Gyakushuu Chika Teikoku

If it fails to find the file you may need to tell the emulator to manually rewind it to the beginning of the tape before loading.

After loading type run and game will begin.

Game Instructions –

SL you’ll hit enter to begin the game. Controls are the numpad – 8 for up, 6 for right, 2 for down, and 4 for left. You’ll move a red square around with them that changes the layout of the paths for the train to travel on. if it runs into a wall or a * it’s a game over. If it colides with a . you’ll get 10 points. The train will travel along roads as long as there is a turn and not a dead end.

Gyakushuu Chika Teikoku you’ll hit enter to being the game. Numpad are controls for the game 8 for up, 6 for right, 2 for down, and 4 for left. Numpad 1 will dig a hole while numpad 3 will fill it in. The object is to capture and bury the worms before they can eat your plants. Touch the worms and you will lose a life and after 3 lost it’s game over.


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