Pokemon-e TCG – New York Press Conference Complete Sample Card Set – Scans and Dumps

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Pokémon card collector DJGigabyte has graciously sent us scans and dumps of a complete set of the very rare Pokemon e-Reader Trading Card Game Sample cards! These were originally released in small quantities at various E3 Expo’s as well as at a New York press conference (Which this set is from) to demonstrate how the Nintendo e-Reader would work with the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You can read a lot more background details here if you are interested!

With help from funding by the non-profit Hit Save! the e-Reader Preservation Project was able to develop a way to safely preserve cards like this and acquire some of the rarer ones.  You can read all about the process on some of the Hit Save blog postings here and here for an in-depth look at the project and what has been accomplished.

Consider donating as well to help fund more work like this in the future!


Download the ROMs here.
Download 3200DPI RAW scans of the cards here [External link to the Internet Archive]

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