Oshare no Kuni no Alice

Title – Oshare no Kuni no Alice
System –
YAMAHA Copera (Variant of the Sega Pico)
Created by –
Recommended EmulatorMAME (Driver as of 11/3/2023 is a WIP)

Download ROM

Scans from Team Europe –

Download Manual
Download Booklet
RAW Scans & Dump

This is the last missing game that was undumped for the Yamaha Copera, a curious clone of the Sega Pico you can read more about here. The game is insanely rare but thanks to some generous donors it was acquired by Team Europe who has promptly scanned and dumped it and allowed it to be shared here at Gaming Alexandria! Emulation is still WIP on this but will hopefully be coming to MAME in the near future. In the meantime you can grab the ROM and check out the artwork from the scans.

HUGE thanks to the donators –

– Darksoft
– Tormod
– Gaming Alexandria

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Founder and owner of Gaming Alexandria. Obsessed with high quality scans of games for all systems as well as preserving games before they are lost.

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