Carry Soft PP-1 – Flight Simulator & Bacteria

Title – Carry Soft PP-1 – Flight Simulator & Bacteria (フライトシミュレータ一) & (バクテリア)
System –
Sharp MZ-2000
Catalog ID – PP-1
Created by –
Carry Soft (Bacteria is credited to Y.Hirano)
Published by – Carry Soft
Date Created – 1982
Recommended EmulatorToshiya Takeda‘s Common Source Code Project – (Click here for just MZ-2200 Emulator with BIOS)

Download ROM
Download Manual (600DPI) [PDF]

600 DPI –

1200DPI RAW Scans [External Link]

Loading the Game –

Open Emulator, if using Takeda’s emulator (The recommended one above) make sure the waveform shaper is turned on under the CMT menu. After that simply load the MZT or MTW or WAV file you want to use hit C if it doesn’t autoload.  NOTE – The WAV files marked with (Original Recording) do not work on emulators so do not use them, they are just there as they are the original unmodified dumps.

Game Instructions –

3D Flight Simulator will drop you right into the game. The image below is from the manual which shows the buttons you can press to move the plane. I could honestly never get the thing airborne but didn’t try for very long either.

Bacteria press the space bar on the title screen to start the game. You move the laser torrents along the border of the screen with the numpad and space bar to fire. The bacteria will bounce around the screen slowly eating away at the border of it. Once one gets through it’s game over! Blow them all up though and you’ll move onto another level with more bacteria. Pretty tough game honestly as you have to nail the bacteria just right and they move quickly.

Backstory –

Acquired this with some other tapes years ago but was never able to get them to load. Years later came across DumpListEditor by bugfire2009 and sent him the files to look at. He concluded that the dumps were good but due to emulator bugs the game wouldn’t load. He figured out a way to process the original recordings with DumpListEditor and make them much easier to load into emulators. These two games were released packaged together it seems. (Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they were released separately at one time. One is a 3D flight simulator while the other is an action game where you aim at bacteria trying to destroy them. Like other Carry Soft/Lab games they’re not the greatest in my opinion but it’s good to have them preserved.

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