Dragon Lair

Title – Dragon Lair (ドラゴンレア)
System –
NEC PC-8001
Created by – John and Patty Bell
Published by – Fugen Electronics Co.
Date Created – 1982
Recommended Emulatorj80 from Neo Kobe Emulator Pack

Download ROM

Download Manual (600DPI PDF)

1200DPI RAW Scans [External Link]

600 DPI –

In our ongoing series of dumping some of the first JRPGs ever made for home computers, we bring you Dragon Lair!

Though this is not a new game as the title has been floating around the internet for a while, we were provided with a copy of Dragon Lair by pspwiz1. We were able to scan and dump and now release a verified original copy of the game with their help, so thanks a lot!

Hardcore Gaming 101 has an article on the game if you wish to learn more. The manual provided with the game does not expound on any plot that the game has, so do let us know if there’s anything you find.

The HG101 article interestingly notes that this game may have been created by an English couple, John and Patty Bell. Very little is known about the history of this game, but it seems to have been first covered in the December 1982 issues of Technopolis, which we scanned previously.

Loading the Game –

1. Boot Emulator in PC-8001 mode (j80 from the Neo Kobe Emulator Pack is recommended)
2. At command prompt type MON
3. Next type L
4. After it loads hit CTRL and B on your keyboard to leave monitor mode.
5. Type in CLOAD”DRAGON”
6. After that loads type RUN
7. The game will launch and ask you a series of questions. At one point it will seem like the game is stuck but hit SPACEBAR and it should load another program. After it finishes loading it type in RUN then enter and the game should start.

Many thanks again to pspwiz1 for this contribution!

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Founder and owner of Gaming Alexandria. Obsessed with high quality scans of games for all systems as well as preserving games before they are lost.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Lair

  1. Thank you very much. I’m having trouble loading the disk once I reach the CLOAD step and the message Dragon Skip
    Lair Skip

    keeps appearing endlessly. Am I missing a .ROM or something from the BIOS perhaps?
    Also, I noticed that there are other PC8001 games that are in D88 or cmt files. I’ve seen your post on loading mario bros, but wondered if you had any instructions on those file types as well. Keep up the great work!

  2. Hmm are you using j80 from the Neo Kobe pack and picking the PC-8001 from the choices? That should work with the commands I posted above.

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