Kyofu No Alien

Title – Kyofu No Alien (恐怖のエイリアン)
System –
Sharp MZ-2000
Catalog ID – CG-30
Created by –
Published by – Carry Soft
Date Created – Unknown
Recommended EmulatorToshiya Takeda‘s Common Source Code Project – (Click here for just MZ-2200 Emulator with BIOS)

Download ROM

600 DPI –

1200DPI RAW Scans [External Link]

Loading the Game –

Open Emulator
Load CMT with the included “MZ-1Z002.mzt” file and hit C if it doesn’t autoload.
After BASIC loads and you have a cursor that says Ready load either “Kyofu No Alien [CT].mzt” or “Kyofu No Alien (From MZT).wav” into CMT and then type MON. Then type L, it will ask for a file name just hit enter again and the game should load and begin.

Game Instructions –

Shoot the Alien before it eats you! Move up with U, right with K, down with M, and left with H. Hold down shift and press the opposite direction you want to move in order to shoot in that direction. No idea why it is backwards but it makes it annoyingly difficult.


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