Our RAREST Acquisition Ever!!!

My fellow Gaming Alexandrians, we have hit the jackpot. After years of searching, we are proud to bring your the crown jewel of our archives. We present to you…

Sonic the Hedgehog, Not For Resale.

This acquisition came as part of an anonymous donation from a sympathizer of last year’s Mario cleansing ritual. It was left at our doorstep and by the time we responded, the donor had disappeared in a cobalt blur. The note included with the package said (in part) “Don’t let this fall into any grubby little plumber hands.”

And so we present to you this incredibly pristine cartridge of the rarest pre-shipping version of a game we’ve ever seen. It’s so valuable that we here at Gaming Alexandria are going against our normal policy of extracting ROMs to preserve its (historical) value.

On top of this, we are also announcing our intention to open a physical museum space to display our other absurdly rare artifacts! This will be built in the great metropolitan home of Gaming Alexandria, Oklahoma, and we will be seeking $20,000,000 in investment to build the foundations for the first video game museum in the world!

We know that you all likely have a lot of questions about what this means, but stay tuned for tomorrow’s post where we will elaborate on our plans to take gaming preservation to a whole new level. Until then, check out our other one of a kind artifacts that we will be making available to you in new and exciting ways soon!

Many Regards,

Gaming Alexandria Staff Co. Ltd

(Happy April Fool’s!)

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Ethan Johnson researches all ends of gaming out of Chicago, IL. He is the creator of The History of How We Play, the blog and video series.

2 thoughts on “Our RAREST Acquisition Ever!!!

  1. Greetings. I’m a bit confused…is it really that rare? I’m looking at similar copies ranging from 12-45 USD which IMHO is a very meh price for a rare game. What sets this copy apart from the rest? Much appreciated in advance for the explanation!

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