Pokemon-e TCG – Battle Road 2002 Trophy Cards – 129-P001 – No. 1 Trainer (Japan) (Promo) Dump

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Thanks to the huge generosity of Qwachansey we now have a dump of the insanely rare e-reader card – Pokemon-e TCG – Battle Road 2002 Trophy Cards – 129-P001 – No. 1 Trainer!

With help from funding by the non-profit Hit Save! the e-Reader Preservation Project was able to develop a way to safely preserve cards like this and acquire some of the rarer ones.  You can read all about the process on some of the Hit Save blog postings here and here for an in-depth look at the project and what has been accomplished.

Consider donating as well to help fund more work like this in the future! Here’s an excerpt from one of their blog posts about this card:

The 2002 Battle Road trophy cards were a set of Trainer cards that were awarded to competitors placing in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd positions in the 2002 Battle Road Trading Card Game tournaments in Japan.

The tournaments were held during both the Spring and Summer of that year in several locations: Hokkaidō, Tōhoku, Kantō, Chūbu, Kansai, Chūgoku/Shikoku, Kyūshū, and Tokyo.

The tournaments were open to both men and women, and boys and girls, and the cards awarded to these competitors would reflect this.

Women and girls would receive a female variant card, while men and boys would receive a male variant.

The text on the trophy cards would also note which season (Spring or Summer), region, and tournament position the winner competed for.

The artwork on the card also featured more Pokémon the higher the position the winner placed in.

According to a post by user chok on the popular Pokémon Trading Card forum ‘Elite Fourum’ (or ‘efour’/’E4’ for short), here are the total number of 2002 Battle Road Trainer trophy cards that were officially distributed:

  • No.1 Trainer: 4 Female cards | 50 Male cards
  • No.2 Trainer: 3 Female cards | 51 Male cards
  • No.3 Trainer: 8 Female cards | 100 Male cards


Download the ROM here.


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