Lego Stunt Rally (PSX, Unreleased)

Here is an early prototype for the PlayStation version of LEGO Stunt Rally, canceled by its publisher in late-2000. The game was sent to us by a former developer on the project, who allowed us to release the ROM online. The game, while incomplete, is believed to be the latest build made. It contains an abundance of bugs but is otherwise a very playable experience.

The ROM can be downloaded here.

Game Details

LEGO Stunt Rally started life as an isometric racer by Intelligent Games, a London-based studio founded in 1988 by Matthew Stibbe. Despite its small size, Intelligent Games had a wide array of talented developers, working closely with publishers like Virgin Interactive and Electronic Arts.

By the late-90s, the studio was asked to collaborate with the Danish toy company LEGO, arguably their biggest collaboration yet. Their first project was an ambitious racing game, LEGOMoto, designed for both the Windows and Playstation platforms. LEGO approved of the game concept but suggested a name change.

The new name? LEGO Stunt Rally.

The PlayStation port of LEGO Stunt Rally was initially developed in-house by Intelligent Games themselves and designed as a more top-down racer a la Micro Machines. The PC version was the lead version of the game and was being ported to the other systems while being developed. Initial development lagged behind on the PSX version, leading to several changes in staff. Additional programmers including contractor Peter Gartside were hired to help speed up development and get the PS1 version back on track.

The Playstation port of LEGO Stunt Rally was advertised on the manual for Lego Island 2: The Brickster’s Revenge. Image: Video Game History Foundation

In just a few weeks, Gartside and the additional hires were able to help speed up development to be closer to the PC version. Everything was going according to plan until LEGO saw the prototype.

For reasons unknown, publisher LEGO Media rejected the work that Intelligent Games had submitted, demanding that staff should swap once again. Asylum Entertainment was now in control,  and their lead programmer Manel Sort was put on the project. When asked about his involvement, Sort claims that the port was completed, but LEGO Media rejected the work that was submitted — again.

[Note: Our contact at Intelligent Games claims that one of the original PSX programmers was hired to continue their work on Asylum’s port. Manuel Sort, on the other hand, claims that he was the only programmer on board. We are unsure which claim is correct.]

The current location of Asylum Entertainment’s port is currently unknown. What we have available is one of the early builds worked on by Intelligent Games, saved from a 20-year-old disc kept by a former developer. We’re grateful to get the chance to share this build! Enjoy!

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