Playboy Guide Electronic Entertainment (Fall Winter-1982)

Playboy Guide Electronic Entertainment

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Playboy, the famous adult magazine, ran a quarterly issue focused on electronic entertainment and in the early 80s they naturally covered video games. This issue covers gaming shortly before the crash began and is chock full of great nostalgic ads not only for video games, but electronics and computers as well. There’s also various articles about the same subjects naturally. Don’t worry there isn’t any nudity in this issue!

Table of Contents –


25 Video Bulletin – We bring you some late-breaking news from the video frontier.

29 Car Stereo/Gary Stock – Four sound systems geared for one new car-there’s one to suit your budget as well as your taste.

42 What Computers Can Do for You/Ivan Berger – Finally, a no-nonsense guide to the best programs and hardware.

46 There’s More to Life than Pac-Man – A complete report on this season’s newest crop of video game cartridges and consoles. Plus our exclusive “How to Beat Donkey Kong” strategy.

51 Stereo Systems You Can Trust/Michael Riggs – Digital audio is coming. We show you compatible components that won’t be obsolete tomorrow.

66 Potent Portables/Peter Dobbin– Stereo microsystems that play well home and away.

89 Up to Date/Hope Heyman – A few simple accessories can add new life to an old VCR.


21 Playboy Guide Interview: Roy Scheider – The man from Jaws talks candidly about actors, special effects and all that jazz.

38 Me and My Computer/Steven Levy – One man’s saga of life in a two-terminal family.

58 How to Make Great Home Movies/David Hajdu – The pictures ef the future will be on videotape-and with suggestions and guidelines on equipment and technique, we show you how to do it right.

70 Getting Hooked/Diana Loevy – A special report on the cable industry today- its stars, its services and how you can get it all.

77 I Spy/Robin Nelson – Attaches with hidden recorders… cigarette lighters that take pictures… a cache of accessories from the world of James Bond.


11 Letters

13 Flash

17 Advisor

33 Playboy Guide People – Stephen King, Malcolm McDowell, Marilyn Chambers and other shining stars tell which movies they want to save on videotape.

92 Discoveries – A potpourri of great new electronic finds.

95 First PersonVideo pioneer Henry Kloss looks at the big picture.

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