Triumph (Unreleased, Game Boy)

An unreleased localization by Hudson Soft for the Nintendo Game Boy. The prototype is different to a released European version aside with a different name and title screen.

Download the prototype here.

Game Details

Trade show flyer for the cancelled NES version of a Triumph, drawn by artist Daryl Cagle.

Triumph was to be a localized version of a Japanese strategy RPG game called Castle Quest, released in the early 90’s for the Famicom and Game Boy. The gameplay is based around the game of chess, whereupon your castle members have to plan their spot in order to defeat the opponents.

In late 1991, a North American release of Castle Quest for the NES was previewed in Nintendo Power alongside mentions of the Game Boy version still in the making. The localization had to be renamed to Triumph, as ASCII Corporation had already released an NES game entitled Castlequest (also known as Castle Excellent in Japan)

Ultimately, both versions of Triumph would never see the light of day, although a European release of the Game Boy port was released in 1993 under the Castle Quest name.

The NES port still remains lost to this day.

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