NG Namco Community Magazine (Quarterly Issue 1) February 15th 1983

Quick Backstory –

Recently, issues of the NG Namco Community magazines were up for auction – this included the elusive Issue 1, as well as other issues we were missing. Check out the issues we have preserved here.

Unfortunately the lot went bizarrely for over $2000! Other copies of Issue 1 have been for sale for about $200 but we have always missed them. That auction was very unusual, as generally issues of this magazine go for $20$40 a piece. In the past, some PC Engine Fan lots went for huge money, though other similar lots go for much more reasonable amounts just a few months later. Auctions are strange.

Two people really, really wanted this lot and we had nowhere near the funds to acquire them. We here were bummed to miss our chance at getting NG Namco Community fully preserved.


Someone pointed out on Twitter – in a reply to our fundraising post – that Issue #1 of NG had recently been scanned by a Japanese website! While these scans are not as high quality as our standards, they are perfectly readable.

Huge thanks to the shimanekko690 that originally scanned them here.  We have combined them into PDF and CBZ formats for easy reading as well as did yellowing to improve the OCR. Enjoy them at the link below.

Finally this extremely rare issue is up for everybody to enjoy and read! If you spot anything else in the future, let us know on Twitter, Blue Sky, Mastodon, or Discord.

600DPI PDF and RAW Scans [External Link to Internet Archive]

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