Nintendo Famicom Complete Scanning Project

For years I’ve wanted to get ahold of every Nintendo Famicom game and completely scan them, which is an absolutely enormous task – I know – but it’s something I really want to accomplish before I call it quits on scanning. Over the years I’ve acquired many of the games in good shape as I noticed good deals or opportunities and slowly, but surely we have uploaded scans to Gaming Alexandria as well as the Internet Archive. Still, without a collector willing to loan me a collection (which I understand is an extreme long shot due to the complexity and risk involved) I knew I would have to probably just piece this project together as I could.

A few months back when the yen got extremely weak to the dollar, I saw an opportunity to buy a large collection of boxed Famicom games from a collector. It was a substantial investment but I knew it was a rare opportunity to maybe make a big dent in scanning every Famicom game, box, and manual. I also started buying random lots that seemed like decent deals at the time. While I wound up with many duplicates, I hoped I could resell some of it to recoup money and purchase more games to scan.

I posted some of these lots on Ebay as well as on Twitter and I was pleasantly surprised with how many people were interested in buying them. It gave me confidence that maybe it is actually possible to buy, scan, resell and repeat that cycle. I now believe outside of the truly high dollar games (Maybe 5-10% of the total library) I could accomplish this task. Maybe a collector would be willing to loan or scan these rarer games themselves for the project like myself and another person did with Gimmick.

I have now organized what boxed games I’ve acquired and scanned. I’ve listed them in a spreadsheet so everybody can track the progress and if they want to help out with scans or selling/trading titles they can reference this list to see what is currently needed. I’ll also be posting updates to Twitter as well as Ebay  if you’re interested in any of the lots. Hopefully, in a few years, an even larger dent for this massive library will be digitally preserved for all.

Current Spreadsheet Of Famicom Boxed Games Scanned


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Founder and owner of Gaming Alexandria. Obsessed with high quality scans of games for all systems as well as preserving games before they are lost.

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Famicom Complete Scanning Project

  1. This is amazing! Good luck to you. I’d also love to download some of these to remake my own, and happy to contribute some $$ for the cause 🙂

    However I don’t see many download links in the google sheet despite there being many that are marked as complete? Can you please add or send them? 🙂

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