Namco Masterpiece Game Collection – All About Namco

English Title – Namco Masterpiece Game Collection – All About Namco
Japanese Title – ナムコ 名作ゲーム集
Published by – Denpa Shimbun
Year – 1996

A huge guide to all the early Namco arcade games covering them in depth. There were multiple editions of this published and each is different. This version was published around the time that Namco Museum series was initially being released for the Sony Playstation in Japan. It’s re-titled to Namco Masterpiece Game Collection but is basically the first two All About Namco books which were originally released in the 80’s combined. It unfortunately lack some features both of these had including character sprite sheets and sheet music for the games. You can read more about the differences here as well as find information on the other “All About” book series produced by Denpa Shimbun. A reprint of All About Namco Vol. 1 is being released August 31st, 2020 in Japan by Denpa Shimbum. Hopefully we’ll see a reprint of Vol. 2 available as well!

PDF Scan of Book (Hosted on Internet Archive)


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