E3 2002 Expo – Speaker Session Recordings

Download MP3’s and ISO’s [External Link]

These are two CD-ROM’s that were purchased at E3 2002 that recorded a variety of speakers at the expo in MP3 format. Included is everything on both CDs. There are the two CD’s converted to ISO as well as a ZIP file with contents of the CD’s in folders. Here is what is on them –

01 1.1 Rules of the Game by Barwood, Cerny, Howard and Jarvilehto

02 2.1 Reaching Niche Markets, Creating New Markets by Buechner, Jafrato, Kahn
and Welch

03 3.1 Understanding Platform Segmentation (and What it Means for Your Bottom
Line) by Hutt, Koenig, Patmore and Schappert

04 4.1 Successful Online Strategies: Inspiration and Implementation by Evans,
Long, Spector and Young

05 1.2 Design Secrets, Part 1: Japan and the USA by Suzuki and Wright

06 2.2 The Wireless Landscape: The Business Models, the Markets, the Value
Chain by Dyer, Lasky, Montes, Novick and Palmieri

07 3.2 Creative Solutions to Financing and Funding by Davis, Mauro, PoirotLellig
and Scott

08 4.2 Consoles and Online Gaming: Strategies for Dominance by Ackrich,
Bellfield, Ferroni, Flock, Pidgeon, Smedley and Surfas

09 1.3 Sneak Peek: Inside the Development Process of the Hottest Upcoming
Titles by Knoles, Skaggs and Willits

10 2.3 Nontraditional Marketing Tactics by Bruning, Dobson, Nixon and Friedler

11 3.3 The Changing Face of Retail: Why the Web Matters by Brown, DeBenedictis,
Ow, Solomon and Zichermann

12 4.3 Advergaming: How to Profit from Online’s Next Wave of Game Development
by Ferrazzi, Larson, St. John and Stoller

13 1.4 Design Secrets, Part 2: Europe and the USA by Molyneux and Shelley

14 2.4 How to Break into Today’s Games Industry byBerry, Durall, Holt, Mencher
and Zeschuck

15 3.4 Games that Pushed the Envelope, Pushed Buttons, and Set New Trends in
Motion by Barnes, Bradshaw, LoPiccolo and Miller

16 4.4 BrowserBased Games Come of Age by Koenig, Limpert, Mandelbrot and Vechey

17 1.5 Managing Resources: Smart Solutions for Building Compelling and
Profitable Games by Irish, Meischeid and Steinmeyer

18 2.5 Master Class from the Masterminds of Business by Landau and Natsuno

19 3.5 Prepare Your Business for the Game Industry of Tomorrow by Bellfield,
Chambers, O’Rourke and Smith

20 4.5 Creating Lasting Communities (and Higher Sales) through PreRelease
Demand and UserCreated Content by Campbell, McCurdy, Oster and Vogel

21 1.6 Creating the Perfect Game Character by Lanning, Nagoshi and Rubin

22 2.6 Licensing Opportunities for the Smart and Nimble by Bae, Binder, Charla,
diLaski, Gioia, Kelly and Schneider

23 3.6 HighTech Roundup: Modem Tools for Current Games by Carter, Hase and

24 4.6 The Road to Success: A Special Session with Metal Gear Solid producer by
Hideo Kojima

W1 StartUp Starter Kit for Today’s
Marketplace by Minn, Muzyka & Reynolds

W2 Designing Games That Teach: An MIT
Workshop by Church, Jenkins, Laurel and Stafford

W3 A Complete Technology Toolkit for
Wireless Game Development by Chasey, Crowley, Shimizu and Thomas

W4 How to Package and Pitch Your Game to
Publishers by Anker, Bates, Frisina, McGee and Taylor

W5 Global Game Trends 101: Learning from
the World’s Top Titles by Bergstresser, Chan, Greasley, McMillan and White

W6 The Business of Persistent Worlds:
Learn from the Pros by Baron, Garriott, Lawrence, Petrovsky and Walton

W7 Developing Content for Wireless
Handsets: Making Big Ideas Work for the Small Screen by Green, Mical, Orr and

W8 Design Document Workshop: Don’t Start
That Game Without One by Pondsmith, Rouse, Saia and Taylor

W9 Listen to Your Gamers: What Player
Metrics is Telling Us by Anderson, Bachus, Neurath and Wojtyna

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